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Sister JoanneSister Joanne Sister Joanne

Joanne Remillard (Prévost) ~ 47 years old

Brother Claude Brother Claude

Claude Prévost ~ 46 years old

Sister Lise Sister Lise

Lise Nastuk (Prévost) ~ 45 years old

This website exists because of my good friend, who volunteered to create this website. Thank you for your assistance and your creativity, without you, our story would not have been seen by all these people. I was only 3 ½ years old when my sister was taken from us. All through my life there’s been a void in our lives. My parents were devastated by the lost of Diane. People cannot image what this does to a family. I don’t know how my parents have survived this tragedy. As a mother, and now a grand-mother, I can feel their pain even more. This pain has never gone away even after all these years. There is no closure; it’s an open wound that won’t heal. Over the years, we have tried different attempts at finding her without any success. She has never been far from our thoughts. Someone stole her from us and someone out there knows something. Maybe after all these years that someone will come forward. Diane, I know you’re alive; your family has waited patiently all these years to find you. If you see this website, please know that you have always been in our hearts.

~ Lise Nastuk

Brother Richard When He Was Young Richard with Mom Richard

Richard Prévost ~ 39 years old